Productive building

The Greenhouse Sydney Harbour uses the Productive Building system developed by Joost Bakker. This system includes concepts outlined below.

• Use recycled and/or recyclable materials

• Built to be easily dismantled and recycled

• No use of chemical or harmful treatments on surfaces and in materials

• Minimize ecological footprint through careful consideration of sourced materials, their lifecycle, and the buildings operation and maintenance

• Encourage a new perspective on building and the function of buildings as a productive place that can harvest food, water and energy, and can improve the local environment for people and animals rather than exploiting it

• Building can be made, transported and assembled quickly and efficiently minimizing the transport of materials, keeping costs low, allowing unskilled labour to assemble

• Building design is flexible and adaptable to variety of environments and applications and can use all locally sourced materials.

The Productive Building method

• Steel frame is made from roll formed 1 mm steel coil, processed through a Framecad roll-forming machine and screwed together on site with galvanized steel screws

• Steel frame firstly clad in plywood for structural integrity and to create a thermal barrier

• Wall and roof cavities filled with straw bales sourced from local grain farmers. The frame is designed to fit these straw bales tightly and lock them in place

• External cladding of corrugated iron covered with a vertical wall garden made from steel mesh and terracotta plant pots

• Internal fit out, installation of windows and doors and creation of rooftop garden